About Balls & Balloons

About Balls & Balloons Happiness comes in many different flavours and with many synonyms that mean different things to different people.  Contentment, joy, bliss, delight, pleasure – in the grand scheme of things these all amount to the same thing.  Indeed, research at the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow suggestsContinue reading “About Balls & Balloons”

About Moments of Happiness

About Moments of Happiness Research, readings and conversations I’ve had recently have created a “penny-drop” for me.  I knew that this project would be a voyage of discovery for me I’ve started to reassess what “happiness” is and how to achieve it.  And what exactly we / I might be trying to achieve. I wasContinue reading “About Moments of Happiness”

About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future

About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future Three of my friends got engaged recently.  For some reason I found it difficult to feel happy for them.  In all cases I knew that the friends had had traumatic times with love and that these were whirlwind romances.  Why is it we seek to make suchContinue reading “About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future”