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Having performed as a singer, dancer and actress from a very young age, Felicity Pryke is no stranger to the stage. As an amateur dancer she was privileged to appear at such prestigious venues as the London Palladium and Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s South Bank.

While she did not pursue a career in performing arts, her naturally effervescent personality and ease of speaking in front of an audience saw her invited to host the ‘band vs fans’ quiz at rock band Marillion’s biennal weekend in front of 3000 fans.

Felicity is now bringing her natural stage presence together with her enthusiasm for the subjects she studies and teaches. She has worked with highly regarded speaking coach Dani Wallace to hone her skills and create talks that are inspiring, thought provoking and showcase her fascinating perspective on life.

Felicity has already appeared on BBC Radio Lancashire and The Digital Nurse Podcast, as well as giving talks to organisations such as Wellbeing Umbrella (see video below). Her experience of working in a corporate setting has opened doors to speaking at wellbeing events for national maintenance company Amey plc.

The Talks

Felicity has five primary talks which cover all elements of her philosophy of living a satisfied life we don’t need to escape from:

The Satisfied Life

The keynote talk. Felicity guides viewers around her mantra; “empowering people to live a satisfied life they don’t need to escape from”. Drawing on her personal journey from a hedonic but unfulfilling life, the emphasis is on how we have to make the changes ourselves and how we have the power to be happy. The talk touches on how work shouldn’t be a dirty word, how money and possessions can never fully satisfy, and how a constant need to “get away from it all” is a terrible way to live.

‘Live a satisfied life you don’t need to escape from’, Womanifest, July 2023

Find Your Focus

Why are routines so good at reducing stress? When is choice actually a bad thing? How can we harness the power of saying ‘no’?

This talk introduces a number of ways in which we can pro-actively alleviate the stress and anxiety that is often self-inflicted, and build a resilient framework for life which enables us to be productive and achieve our goals with a smile on our faces.

photograph of a burning fire

Find Your Fire

Felicity often talks about how she left her husband, then spent six months working out why. After much soul searching she concluded that a life of fun simply wasn’t satisfying enough for her.

Finding your fire is about how we can live a life of meaning and purpose, how those can and will change throughout our lives and how it’s almost never self-centred goals that most satisfy us.

Find Your Flow

‘Living in the moment’ is such a well-worn phrase. How can we connect the dots between the present and our thoughts of the past and future in a more satisfying way?

Felicity talks through her A.C.T.S. system; we assess and accept where we are, choose the change, take action, and then savour in satisfaction. This enables us to find moments of flow, where we are so absorbed in our work that time, self and the outside world are no longer in mind.

Find Your Self

How does the self connect with the outside world? Can we ever really show our ‘true self’ to anyone? What does ‘identity’ really mean?

We all have a personal brand we show to the world and we make subconscious choices about how we present ourselves. Drawing from the Tantric principle of the Pancha Kosha, this talk delves into the masks we wear, how important they are but how they are not actually our ‘true selves’. Can we make those choices more conscious, more meaningful?

These talks can be combined, and Felicity can adapt the ideas from her blogs and Facebook live broadcasts. Talks about yoga and reflexology are also available.

Media & Podcasts

Felicity is always on the lookout for new speaking, television and podcast opportunities. She is unafraid to share her opinions which can sometimes come across as controversial, but is positive and excited to share her philosophy of life with the world.

Is anything that Felicity speaks or writes about that you feel would be useful, inspiring or interesting to your audience, employees or customers? Drop her an email – hello@findingfelicity.co.uk and let’s start a conversation.


Womanifest – 15th July 2023

Felicity will be bringing her keynote talk to Womanifest in Cheshire in July. Womanifest is the personal development, wellbeing & empowerment festival for women (and teen girls) who want more. It is a celebration of all things female, feminine and womanly. Buy tickets on my exclusive link and you will get a month of my Satisfaction Revolution membership in July for free. Find out more about Womanifest here.

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