About Felicity

I remember being on holiday in France when I was about 7 years old. A waiter was asking our names and when I told him mine he exclaimed, “Ah, Felicity! Happiness!” That was the first time I was aware that my name really meant something. That is was in the dictionary! In Shakespeare!

When I upended my life in 2016, leaving my husband and a “happy” life without really knowing why, I uncovered a deep desire to truly start live up to my name and to discover what was missing from my own happiness.

It began with a Science of Happiness course, created by Professor Laurie Santos at Yale University. I became fascinated by the neuroscience and psychology behind the complexity of human emotions, and where happiness fits in. At the same time I was deepening my yoga practice of 20 years and completed my yoga teacher training. The pieces started to come together during a workshop with yoga teacher and osteopath Peter Blackaby. He spoke about neuroplasticity in both our bodies and our brains, exactly the same neuroplasticity that Professor Santos had taught.

The links between the science of yoga and the science of wellbeing are multiple. Self enquiry. Meditation. Neuroplasticity. I could see how the ancient teachings of yoga can inform our quest for modern day happiness, and started to bring everything together into a cohesive collection of teachings that everyone could benefit from.

Beyond my business, I am unapologetically political (and unapologetically socialist). I have always had an instinct for justice, fairness and inclusiveness. I will ally with the persecuted, the oppressed and those without a voice, not because I have an affection for the underdog, but because I believe all humans should ultimately be treated equally. Call me woke if you like, I take it as a badge of honour.

Random facts: I love music. I (occasionally) play guitar. I’m a very average singer. I’ve performed at the London Palladium and Queen Elizabeth II Hall. I’m obsessed with food and get a bit agitated if I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. I love my cat. Not cats in general. Just mine. I’m a bit obsessed with shopping local, reusing water and I don’t believe in ‘single use plastic’. I avoid supermarkets as much as possible. I run an online pub which is open every Friday.

And yes. I’m very satisfied!

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