Practice the practice

Practice the practice “I can’t do yoga.” As a yoga teacher, I hear people say this a lot. Or “I can’t meditate, I tried it once and I can’t do it.” I find this sentence increasingly bizarre. Of course, it’s partly based in a misconception of what meditation is, which is understandable. But the thingContinue reading “Practice the practice”

Something is better than Nothing

The 2023 Mantra I’ve been embracing 2023 with a deep sense of renewal. I get the feeling that a lot of things I’ve been building are starting to fall into place and I’m actually starting to take a lot of my own advice! I talk a lot about building routines and having structure to yourContinue reading “Something is better than Nothing”

Building Resilience

Building Resilience It’s always interesting when I recognise another way in which yoga asana practice informs my every day life. The yoga I teach looks pretty simple. We spend a lot of time lying on the floor, making slow, repetitive movements. Lying on the floor is an excellent place to start because the body isContinue reading “Building Resilience”

My Meditation Journey

My Meditation Journey So many people say to me, “I can’t meditate, I can’t just empty my mind.” Well, there’s two parts to my answer to that. Firstly, if you think meditation is “emptying your mind” then that explains why you don’t think you can do it!. Meditation is rarely about emptying the mind. FocusingContinue reading “My Meditation Journey”

I nearly gave it all up.

I nearly gave it all up. The idea of owning my own business. My writing. My coaching. My teaching. My learning. I nearly reverted to the unsatisfied life. A job to pay the bills. Vegetating. Getting back on the hedonic treadmill. The words of an ex-boyfriend reverberated around my head. “You’re a fraud,” he said.Continue reading “I nearly gave it all up.”

Dutiful to the end

“So, we should just surrender, Let fate and duty shape us, Let light hearts remake us, Let the worries hush.” One of the privileges of having a blog is that it gives me an opportunity to put my thoughts into writing. And writing gives me an opportunity to put my thoughts into order. The deathContinue reading “Dutiful to the end”