The Misunderstanding of Carpe Diem

Listen to my body,We haven’t been in touch much lately… I wonder what the Roman poet Horace would make of Carpe Diem being splashed around on t-shirts, posters and in inspo-quotes. I’m not sure he intended for people to use carpe diem – often interpreted as ‘seize the day’ – as an excuse or reasonContinue reading “The Misunderstanding of Carpe Diem”

Intention and Outcome

I go round and round just like a circle,I can see a clearer picture There’s a weird thing that happens when you teach yoga. Well, when I teach yoga anyway. I teach in a very verbal way. Demonstration is not necessarily the most important thing as I try to avoid suggesting that my students imitateContinue reading “Intention and Outcome”

If you CBA, DBA

Paint a picture, sing a song,Plant some flowers in the park,Get out and make it better,You’ve got an hour before it’s dark… A friend of mine died a few weeks ago. Glyn was a couple of years younger than me and died unexpectedly of a previously unknown heart condition at the end of May. ThereContinue reading “If you CBA, DBA”

A life you don’t need to escape from.

And everyday is the right day. I’ve been having a bit of enjoyment time lately. Today is Jubilee Thursday and I’m writing this on the train up to Glasgow to see Queen & Adam Lambert. Last weekend I spent with many, many friends seeing my favourite band Marillion (see last week’s blog for more onContinue reading “A life you don’t need to escape from.”

Elements of Satisfaction

And I’m feeling good. I’ve been investigating the science of how to feel good for five years now. There are lots of different ways of expressing ‘feeling good’ – I really like satisfaction. Whether it’s happiness, joy, peace or serenity, one thing I’ve learnt is that there is no simple hack to consistently feeling good.Continue reading “Elements of Satisfaction”