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Having worked in a corporate space for most of her life, Felicity is well-placed to understand what it’s like to be a small part of a large company. From the teenage shifts at the Co-op, to the music giant of HMV at the height of their power. Moving from shop floor into the head office started nearly 20 years in administrative and transactional finance roles, culminating in nearly 15 years at construction and maintenance company Amey plc.

Felicity was never particularly ambitious and knows what it’s like to not feel the burning desire to climb the career ladder. She also knows how dissatisfying this life can be, but firmly believes that it doesn’t have to be this way. All working people deserve to feel valued and appreciated for the work they do.

She has seen good management and poor management. Good employment practices and poor employment practices. She has BEEN a good manager and a poor manager.

Felicity now brings together her experience of being an employee with her knowledge of what it takes for humans to be happier, healthier and more satisfied.

Satisfied staff = Satisfied employer

Felicity’s workshops help to foster a positive working environment where staff are contented, engaged, interested and invested in their job. Research is increasingly showing that when employees have good mental and physical health, this has a direct impact on the company they work for:

  • Better health in staff inevitably reduces the time taken off sick. This is not just the one-off costs; staff recovering from surgery for longer term conditions for example also has a significant impact. And, of course, this isn’t just about physical health. In 2020-21, stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases (source).
  • Employees who feel valued and engaged with their work, employer and customers are less likely to leave their job and pursue a role elsewhere. Staff retention means reduced costs in recruitment and training, and improved performance as the company retains their most talented and experienced staff.
  • Disengagement doesn’t just have an impact on retention. Studies show that companies with high levels of staff engagement have 64% fewer accidents and a 41% increase in the quality of the goods or service they provide (source).
  • A work force that feels significant and respected is more likely to go above and beyond for their employer, their colleagues and their clients. Efficiency is often higher in people who enjoy their job than those who do not. And those who can see clear opportunities for progression in their careers will also be inspired to work to the best of their abilities.
  • Finally, potential new recruits are not just looking for financial remuneration when looking for a new job. The competition for new staff is fierce, and companies with a good reputation for looking after their employees are likely to attract a better quality of candidate.

The Workshops

Felicity’s workshops are crafted for teams to learn together, while providing a space to complete practical exercises that employees can carry into both their work and home lives. In most companies and corporations, HR departments and higher levels of management are aware of the importance of a positive working culture, but this gets lost at lower levels. The workshops are aimed at frontline employees and their line managers to encourage a culture of an inclusive, valued and engaged workforce.

There are four key workshops, based around Felicity’s four seasons of satisfaction:

Find Your Focus

Good routines and planning both in and out of work can reduce stress, improve health and increase productivity. We work through creating the perfect morning and evening routines at home, an “ideal week” and how we can plan daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. We also deal with other ways to reduce stress and to gain a fair work / life balance.

Find Your Fire

A key element to being happy and satisfied with life is a sense of meaning and purpose. This workshop aims to enable employees to feel a deeper connection to their job, so that they know their impact on both service users / customers and their colleagues. We also look at individuals’ strengths, ensuring they are using their greatest assets to produce the best possible results.

photograph of a burning fire

Find Your Flow

Drawing from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of Flow or optimal human experience, we discover how to make work more enjoyable and why challenge is a good thing. This workshop also teaches how acceptance is the first step towards real change, both as an individual and as a business.

Find Your Self

Feeling comfortable and confident in ourselves improves both our enjoyment of life and our performance at work. We look at self acceptance and self love, along with how self care isn’t occasional bubble baths and spa days, but the things we do every day like eating well and keeping fit.


As a qualified yoga teacher, Felicity offers 30-60 minute yoga classes online for your staff. Yoga is well known not just for its physical benefits, but also for its impact and reduction on stress, anxiety and depression.

The classes are adapted for those who are not regular yoga practitioners, largely based in a chair with some standing poses. The movement is simple and repetitive, suitable for almost every body, with further adaptations as required. I can also offer regular breathing and meditation sessions.

A short time away from the stresses of both working and home life calms the brain and body, enabling staff to make better decisions and return to work refreshed. Inviting your staff to 30 minutes of nourishing movement or meditation every week will have a huge impact on your employee’s wellbeing. It’s a wonderful way of bringing online-based teams together in a less pressurised “meeting” environment, and can be combined with your regular staff meetings

Why Felicity?

Felicity has worked in corporate spaces including shops and offices for nearly 30 years. She is a Mental Health First Aider and has been a Wellbeing Ambassador and Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador.

She has spent the last seven years studying the psychology and neuroscience of how we can live happier lives. Felicity qualified as a yoga teacher in 2019 and is currently Treasurer of Yoga Teacher Together, a new organisation which offers support, registration and advocacy to independent Yoga Teachers and Teacher Training Schools.

If you are ready to take a genuine and active interest in the wellbeing of your staff, Felicity would love to speak to you about how she can be a facilitator. Are you ready to create a workforce who are living a happier, healthier, more satisfied life they don’t need to escape from? Email to start the conversation.

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