The Lights of Avalon

The Lights of Avalon Looking down from atop the hillWhat seems like a jumbled mass of lightsBut I know these strings like an old friendAlways changing, always the same Pulses from the clubs that continue to thump on with the last of the revellersEking our the final momentsDesperate for the experience to never endSearchlights stillContinue reading “The Lights of Avalon”

You Did The Right Thing

You Did The Right Thing I don’t know who needs to hear this,But you did the right thing,You protected, you shielded, and you saved lives,You absolutely did the right thing. Don’t be blinded, or misguided, by power and prestige.Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re foolish.Don’t allow them to light the gas underneath you,That makes youContinue reading “You Did The Right Thing”

A City United

A City United Halfway around the worldInspired by music,Inspired by friendship,Inspired by a coming togetherIn pursuit of an experience shared. Looking back halfway around the worldIn a city so close to my adopted home.Thousands in that same pursuitTravelling not so far, but seeking the same coming together.United in joy and a feeling of belonging. NightContinue reading “A City United”