For every little thing you hold on to, You’ve got to let something else go The Russian invasion in Ukraine has no doubt been at the forefront of all our minds in the last week and we’ll all have been emotionally and mentally affected by it in different ways. I’m sure we’re all feeling aContinue reading “Regrets”

About Balls & Balloons

About Balls & Balloons Happiness comes in many different flavours and with many synonyms that mean different things to different people.  Contentment, joy, bliss, delight, pleasure – in the grand scheme of things these all amount to the same thing.  Indeed, research at the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow suggestsContinue reading “About Balls & Balloons”

About Moments of Happiness

About Moments of Happiness Research, readings and conversations I’ve had recently have created a “penny-drop” for me.  I knew that this project would be a voyage of discovery for me I’ve started to reassess what “happiness” is and how to achieve it.  And what exactly we / I might be trying to achieve. I wasContinue reading “About Moments of Happiness”

About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future

About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future Three of my friends got engaged recently.  For some reason I found it difficult to feel happy for them.  In all cases I knew that the friends had had traumatic times with love and that these were whirlwind romances.  Why is it we seek to make suchContinue reading “About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future”