Elements of Satisfaction

And I’m feeling good… I’ve been investigating the science of how to feel good for five years now. There are lots of different ways of expressing ‘feeling good’ – I really like satisfaction. Whether it’s happiness, joy, peace or serenity, one thing I’ve learnt is that there is no simple hack to consistently feeling good.Continue reading “Elements of Satisfaction”


For every little thing you hold on to, You’ve got to let something else go The Russian invasion in Ukraine has no doubt been at the forefront of all our minds in the last week and we’ll all have been emotionally and mentally affected by it in different ways. I’m sure we’re all feeling aContinue reading “Regrets”

About Our Layer of Energy

About Our Layer of Energy I’ve been digging around and working on my own interpretation of the Vedantic concept of the koshas.  To read part one (which is probably a good place to start) please click here! Moving deeper into the koshas, beyond the body is Pranamaya kosha. I’m guessing like most people you’ve heardContinue reading “About Our Layer of Energy”

About Taking A Breath

About Taking A Breath I never want it to sound glib or cheesy but I genuinely feel there are always positives to come from the darkest, scariest situations.  Fear, panic, and misinformation seem even more contagious than the virus itself.  But so is kindness.  Genuinely, scientifically proven.  Your act of compassion can cause ripples outContinue reading “About Taking A Breath”