The Satisfaction Resolution

Elements of Satisfaction

There are four elements of satisfaction and there is a Satisfaction Resolution for each one.

Find Your Focus


The earth element is all about building great foundations. Routines, rest and resilience. Good routines and planning are the essential bones that hold our life together in good times and bad. Being in control of our time also means knowing our personal boundaries and when to say ‘no’.

This is also about learning all the techniques that work for us best when we come up against unexpected stress, anxiety, and even trauma. Some people like to meditate, some find expressive writing useful, and others might prefer to exercise or talk to a friend. Whatever our healthy stress relievers are, it’s important we put those good habits in place when life is easy, so those habits are easy to return to when life is hard.

photograph of a burning fire

Find Your Fire


A sense of meaning and purpose has been intrinsic to models of happiness dating back to Aristotle. It’s not enough just to make ourselves happy. Contributing to society provides far more longevity in our happiness. And generosity is scientifically proven to make us happier.

From a very young age, we are brought up to run on the hedonic treadmill, always chasing after the next short-term material possession that we’ll inevitably get bored of, before chasing another. And another and another…

We also need to know what we’re good at. Working to our strengths helps us achieve our purpose, leading to far greater life satisfaction.

Find Your Flow


You know when you are so engrossed in a task, that time just flies by? This is Flow, a concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It’s that perfect match of the skills we have and with the challenge before us, and is considered the ultimate human experience. What could be more satisfying than that?

The watery element of Find your flow also encompasses other aspects of living in the moment. Accepting our situation, others and ourselves. Being grateful for all of the good things in our lives (and sometimes the bad things, too). Savouring every moment so that life fills us with awe, wonder and satisfaction every single day.

Find Your Self

Air / Ether

As we move into the air element, things get more rarefied and difficult to pin down. But having a strong sense of self is really important in us knowing how we fit into the world. My study of yoga philosophy helps me to connect with the rest of the universe, and feel less attached to my individuality. But, I am also keenly aware that we live in a world of the individual, and that I can determine the identity that I want others to see.

Finding ourselves within the context of others is key. Tuning into our natural human impulses of compassion, and connecting to others and our environment. Seeing how others shape and influence how we see ourselves and reclaiming our own perception of our Self. And finally, looking after that Self with true self-care.

Hello, I’m Felicity!

I’m a satisfaction expert and yoga teacher who is here to empower you to live your happiest, healthiest and most satisfied life. I’ve been where you are. I was living a seemingly happy life of pleasure, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. My life was full of fun but felt empty. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. It was like when you have a stone in your shoe – you can try to ignore it but every now and then it niggles again.

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