Resolution Focus Welcome

Welcome to the Find Your Focus!

I’m really excited that you’ve decided to make a Satisfaction Resolution to Find Your Focus!

I look forward to seeing you at the working with you as we learn lots of stress busters, including embedding our habits, routines and becoming experts and planning our time.

You will get an email in the next few days with all the useful links including:

  • The Zoom link for coaching sessions.
  • The private Facebook group, just for your cohort.
  • A link and password to a portal which will host all your slides, worksheets, videos of the sessions and all the links

Please check your spam if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox by Friday 1st August

If you need to review the T&Cs at any time you can find them at the bottom of this page and on the portal page. If you have any comments or questions please reach out to me either via Facebook Messenger or email

I’m delighted to have you on board and I hope you enjoy Finding Your Focus with The Satisfaction Resolution.

Thank you, welcome and I’ll see you in class soon!


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