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The Satisfaction Revolution

The membership for a happier, healthier, more satisfied life

Imagine how amazing it would feel to:

  • Wake up every morning with a clear sense of purpose and a reason for being.
  • Feel a sense of joy every single day.
  • Be physically comfortable and attuned to your mind and your body.
  • Go to bed every night feeling like you’ve had an awesome day.

The Satisfaction Revolution is a unique membership where you can learn real, practical tools to create a happier, healthier more satisfied life. Joining The Satisfaction Revolution gives you access to:

Weekly classes incorporating sensible yoga movement, meditation, teaching and discussion.

An exclusive Facebook group where we continue the conversation, provide group support and accountability.

Further content including pre-recorded classes, slides, quarterly challenges and anything else I think is relevant and helpful!

The Revolution Classes

The centrepiece of The Satisfaction Revolution, weekly classes are around 90 minutes long, take place over Zoom:

  • We start by spending a few minutes settling into our bodies. This gives us an opportunity to leave our lives to one side for the class and begin to focus on ourselves.
  • Gentle, sensible yoga movement keeps our minds focused while also helping us learn how to move in more nourishing ways. The body becomes more comfortable both in movement and at rest, a comfort that we take into our everyday lives.
  • A short breathing practice is followed by a meditation. These can take all sorts of forms, from meditating on the breath, the body or our thoughts, to considering our compassion, our motivation and our perspective on the world.
  • Back to our screens, I teach on our monthly subject. Drawing on my learnings in psychology, neuroscience and philosophies old and new, I provide a background on why we do what we do, what a better course of action might be and how we can make real changes to our brains and lives.
  • The session finishes with an opportunity for questions and discussion. I’m always open to healthy discussion and disagreement!

Seasons of Satisfaction

There are four elements of satisfaction and The Satisfaction Revolution quite literally revolves around these elements, taking one in each season:

September / October / November

Find Your Self

A more rarefied and difficult to pin down subject, Find Your Self discusses identity of the individual and how that fits into the world. The season begins with Compassion, leading onto Connecting then return to ourselves with Self Care & Identity.

December/ January/ February

Find Your Focus

The winter months give us the chance to ground and set the foundations to build our new year. Before we ‘do’ anything we need to Rest! We then look at the importance of Meditation & Mindfulness, then other ways to become more resilient to Stress & Anxiety.

March / April / May

Find Your Fire

Having a sense of fulfilment in life is crucial to being satisfied. In Find Your Fire we question our motives in Wanting & Miswanting, then look at Giving & Receiving in preparation for determining our Meaning & Purpose.

June / July / August

Find Your Flow

Find Your Flow is about reconciling our present moment and learning how to really love the things we already have. We start with Contentment & Acceptance, then move through Savouring and Gratitude.

Hello, I’m Felicity!

I’m a satisfaction coach and yoga teacher who is here to empower you to live your happiest, healthiest and most satisfied life. I’ve been where you are. I was living a seemingly happy life of pleasure, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. My life was full of fun but felt empty. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. It was like when you have a stone in your shoe – you can try to ignore it but every now and then it niggles again.


Do I need any experience of yoga?

Not at all! The movement is slow, methodical and repetitive, ideal for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. There are always options to go deeper into a movement or pose, but the most important thing is that you pay attention to your body and it’s limitations at the time.

Do I need any equipment?

A yoga mat is really helpful but not a necessity. You don’t need to get anything flash and yoga mats are cheaply available. You may benefit from some sturdy cushions or blocks for seated postures and meditation (you can meditate lying down if you prefer). From a technical side, a device with a decent sized screen and the ability to hear clearly will make it easier for you to enjoy all aspects of the session.

Do I need any experience in meditation?

Like the yoga, the Satisfaction Revolution classes are an excellent introduction to meditation. There’s nothing to be scared of and no ceremony – meditation will feel like a very natural step after yoga.

When are the sessions?

Once we close the doors for the season, we will discuss the best times for all members. The most likely times will be weekday evenings and possibly with some weekend classes. If there are sufficient numbers I will run multiple sessions each week.

What if I can’t make a session?

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the Facebook group both for those who can’t attend live and also for anyone who wants to revisit anything.

How much is The Satisfaction Revolution?

All this super duper goodness is just £40 per month. This can be cancelled at any time, see my T&Cs for more information

What if I have any other questions?

Please get in touch and ask me anything! You can email, DM me on any social media or you can even book a free 20 minute introductory chat.

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