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The Membership Program to Balance your Body and Mind

Move from a torrid whirlpool to a gentle river

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Imagine yourself...

  • At ease and content with your life.
  • With an inner resilience that protects you in times of stress.
  • Balanced in your emotional self.
  • Physically comfortable both in movement and at rest.
  • Inspired to make any small but vital changes you need.
  • With a deeper feeling of self love and a greater sense of purpose.
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If Not Now, When?


It's so easy for us to not give ourselves the time and space just for our own wellbeing.

So ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you find you quickly snap at the smallest thing?
  • Do you crave to let go of the things that shouldn’t frustrate you?
  • Are you finding it difficult to stay calm in these changing times?

Imagine how much more peaceful life can be, not just for you but for the loved ones around you.

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Much more than a Yoga class!

Yoga & Happiness combines the ancient practice of Yoga with the science of Happiness and Wellbeing to create a holistic programme for your body and mind. Each weekly session invites you to:

Move Your Body

50 minutes of gentle, sensible yoga to step towards greater comfort

Calm Your Nerves

Meditation and breathing to relax your nervous system

Discover Your Mind

Group discussion about how our brains and bodies react and respond to life

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"Well-being is fundamentally no different than learning to play the cello."

Dr. Richard Davidson

In Yoga & Happiness, we build from the findings of Dr Richard Davidson, neuroscientist and founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin. His team concluded there are four brain circuits which are fundamental to our wellbeing:

Positive Outlook


Paying Attention


Most excitingly, these brain circuits can be nurtured and strengthened in much the same way as you might train your body for better physical performance.

Yes, you can train your brain to be happier!

How we take you from STRESS to YES

A gentle, sensible style of yoga, suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice.
12 monthly topics themed around the four brain circuits of wellbeing; Positive Outlook, Resilience, Paying Attention and Generosity.
Exclusive weekly downloads with fascinating facts, techniques and challenges to get your mind moving as much as your body.
New, live lessons weekly, flexibly available at least three times a week (meaning you can attend up to 12 classes/month!).
Access to a private Facebook group to continue the conversation and provide group support at a time we all need it most.
Small classes of no more than 8 people, allowing you to get the best feedback and participation possible.

Yoga & Happiness membership is currently just £25 per month. Ready to change how you think and feel? Click the button below to join me now.

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Not quite ready?

If you’re still unsure about signing up to Yoga & Happiness then how about:

A drop in Yoga & Happiness class for £7.50
A private yoga class, £30 for 60 minutes
An introductory call if you have any specific questions you’d like to discuss

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About Felicity

I was first drawn to yoga in the late 90’s as part of the celebrity fad led by Madonna and Geri Halliwell. We all start from somewhere don’t we? Whether it was videos at home, gyms, community halls or untutored self practice, I was always drawn back to yoga. Life brought me to Lancashire and an introduction in 2008 to Debbie Farrar who has guided me through a profound journey of yoga and onto my teacher training.

I have had a fascination with my own name since a French waiter proclaimed "Ah, Felicity! Happiness!" when I was a child. I discovered a Coursera course on The Science of Happiness in 2018 and leapt at the chance to learn about what makes us happy and why. The course pointed the way to a number of psychologists and neuroscientists who now inform my work.

Passing my experiences of yoga and the knowledge of happiness to others is incredibly rewarding. As a yoga teacher I am not instructing people how to make shapes. I’m guiding my students onto their own path of self enquiry, helping them connect deeper with themselves and find a better sense of balance, both physically and mentally.

Felicity Pryke

Chorley, Lancashire, England