felicity n; great happiness; bliss; a skillful faculty.


Enjoy beautifully relaxing holistic treatments such as reflexology and Indian head massage. Available either in your own home or my treatment room in Chorley and the surrounding area.


The pioneering Yoga & Happiness programme unites sensible yoga asana practice with the science of wellbeing. Find a deeper sense of calm, inner balance and a greater sense of purpose.


Visit my blog featuring writings about happiness. Written from a personal perspective that also introduces psychology, neuroscience and philosophy in an easy to understand way.

Finding Felicity

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"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet."

James Oppenheim

About Felicity

I have been there. Unfulfilled. Frustrated. Seemingly living an almost perfect life but feeling empty. I didn’t even really notice it until I imploded. I then spent five years picking up the pieces of myself, working out which pieces I want to keep and which pieces to discard, and putting them back together in a new order.

I also spent five years learning about happiness. The science of it, psychology, biology, neuroscience. And what happiness really means. Philosophy, religion, spirituality. I have learnt about happiness from the outside in and the inside out.

The biggest thing that I have learnt is that if we are in touch with our emotions they are less able to dominate our lives. We really need to learn to listen to ourselves. We shroud ourselves in layers to hide how we really feel. I didn’t have the tools to prise those layers off. I set fire to them instead.

You don’t need to set fire to yourself to find a a deeper sense of calm, inner balance and a greater sense of purpose. I am here to help you with your own self enquiry, gently peeling off the layers to find your true self.

I haven’t learned everything. I am still on my own journey and nobody’s wellbeing path is a straight line from A to B. It’s a circular rollercoaster with ups and downs. And the more we learn about that rollercoaster, the more we can anticipate our ups and downs and ride with greater joy.

Felicity Pryke

Chorley, Lancashire, England